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Special Deals for Start-ups

We want our customers to remain with us long term, we are also open to discussion regarding charges. We realise that budgets can be tight especially for start ups and so we are always happy to come to arrangements. For instance we’ll negotiate an exceptionally low rate for start ups (in their first year of trading) and in some cases not charge for development costs to help get your business off the ground (terms and conditions apply) giving a new business an ANDROID App, an iOS App AND a mobile website for as little as £35 per month. Yes, that’s it - £35 per month and NOTHING else to pay! (excludes all other concurrent offers, excludes VAT) – ask for more information.

Apps can be expensive!

Ok, so if you bought everything we offer piecemeal, it would cost you in excess of £5000 including a year’s hosting.

Then again if you assembled a car piece by piece, it would cost you a fortune. BUT here’s the thing; we are different. We want your Apps to be an investment Not an overhead. And we want you to love them as much as we do. To that end there is almost always an offer (currently 50% off all purchases during June 2016), so even if you paid FULL PRICE (which you won’t) it would currently cost you £2500 (including a year’s hosting).

The cost is made up of two elements; design and build (a one off payment) and while the cost of this depends on the level of work required (e.g. the quality and amount of customer supplied art work) and hosting. While there is no fixed price for this we give you our price promise that this will never exceed £1000 per designed product (currently £500 using this month’s discount offer).

Websites and Apps have to be hosted and we charge for this monthly (though you can pay up front and save money). Once again we promise that this will never exceed £60 per month (currently £30 with offer) and will ususally be a lot, lot less.

We almost always have an offer on the go!

And if we don't, tell the offer you think you should get, we'll try our best to honour it.  We dare you, come to us with a silly offer and we'll see if we can deliver it!

If, after all this you’re still not sure why not TRY BEFORE YOU BUY? We’ll build your App, put it into production and THEN talk terms.

Yes, I want to know more!